When Death Occurs, What Do I Start?

We aim to make the planning of a funeral service as simple as possible. We understand that you may not want to make these decisions at this difficult time, but we are here to help and guide you along the way.

The below steps are a guide to help support your through this challenging time of when a death occurs.

Step 1: Mental Preparedness

There are two initial phases you need to consider when a death occurs, these are:

  1. Who to contact to ease your pain
  2. Your emotional well-being

When a death occurs, you need to let the right individuals know to ensure the appropriate care is taken. It is important to call on loved ones to help support you through this initial shock. If the death is unexpected, it is important to contact the police and the immediate family. You need others to know what happened and to guide you through the process.

If the death occurs in supervised care, then the staff will take the appropriate steps to arrange the death certificate and inform the necessary persons. A doctor will visit to confirm the death, either at home or in a hospital.

There is another aspect that is equally important. You need to take a pause for you. This means trying to get some rest, getting as much help as possible from family, and easing into the next couple of days. You deserve this break to feel emotionally prepared for the foreseeable future.

A Funeral Director will step in when the time is right to begin conversations around funeral arrangements.

Step 2: Budget and Getting Started

We offer personalised funeral and cremation services to meet any budget. Our cremation and burial funeral services are low-cost as we want families to have access to funeral services options while not being burdened with the financial aspects.

We also know how important and distracting costs can be. This is why our sister company, Personal Farewells, offer the simple solution of a Funeral Planner where you can begin to plan the service yourself. You can choose a cremation or burial service option that fits your budget, and we do our part to offer beautiful services in these trying times.

Step 3: Meeting the Funeral Director

Your Funeral Director will be your helping hand through this process. The first meeting can be daunting because you may not know what to expect. Thankfully, there is very little you have to do. We will ask if there is a Will present or any pre-arranged funeral contract details and these will help guide the conversation. If the deceased has not expressed any wishes about their funeral, you will need to make these decisions in their honour.

We are here to listen and guide you. We will provide you with available options and provide you with personalised and affordable solutions to honour your loved one in a dignified and meaningful way.

Step 4: Notification Checklist

After a death, there are a number of individuals and groups that need to notified.

The Department of Human Services have provided a checklist, for more information please click here.

We’re always here to talk. Affordable Cremations is a family-owned funeral business that is compassionate towards your wishes and those of your family. Contact us during any time of the day for more information about our services.

Why it’s Important to Talk About Death When You’re Not Dying

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Death is still a taboo subject amongst many Australians, and is understandably something people prefer to put to the back of their minds, rather than bring to the front of a conversation. Quite often, it’s not until we’re left without the choice that we talk about the death of us or someone else.

This is especially true when somebody in your family, a partner or a close friend has a long-term or terminal illness. It’s a tough time for all, and people often prefer to ignore the inevitable, as it’s painful and they don’t want to upset the dying. However, research has found that a third of seriously ill elderly people in hospital don’t receive the end-of-life care they want, because no one has spoken to them about their wishes.

Plan ahead to make your wishes known

It’s so important to live your life for “the now”, but it’s also important to plan for the future. Use this time to ensure your family knows about your end-of-life wishes. Talk about everything that matters to you – from the hospital care you do/don’t want to receive at the end of your life, to your choice between a burial and cremation, and even to the kind of theme or song you want to be played at your funeral.

Not only does this bring you the peace-of-mind that you’ll get to say goodbye in the way you want, but it also lessens the burden of decisions for your family. It’s difficult for families to make choices about their loved one’s funeral service, if no one has had the conversation and they’re unsure if they’re really honouring their wishes.

Prepare your family for the future

It’s natural to feel as though you’re protecting your family by ignoring the subject of death. Maybe your children brush off the conversation when you bring it up, or they’re notably uncomfortable with it. You and them may also feel as though you’re destroying hope if you accept that you’re going to die soon.

However, we have found that families that have already spoken about life after death are better equipped to handle the time when it does arrive. Your relatives understand what you want without having to guess, and have already begun to accept and talk about their feelings during this difficult time.

Another important way to prepare your family for your passing is to write a will, so there’s no confusion over who will inherit your estate and assets once you’re gone. If you don’t have a next of kin, consider choosing a person you trust to take on the responsibilities of your end-of-life care and funeral arrangements. Consider a prepaid funeral to take off the financial burden for your loved ones, and to rest in the knowledge that your money is being properly managed and taken care of.

Learn more about prepaid funerals

We’re always here to talk. Affordable Cremations is a family-owned funeral business that is compassionate towards your wishes and those of your family. Contact us during any time of the day for more information about our services.

Why Mortuaries are Rarely Located at the Funeral Home Shop Front

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A mortuary is the place where dead bodies are temporarily stored, while families await the day of the funeral and cremation or burial. Historically, mortuaries were attached to the shop front of the funeral home, and families that are arranging a farewell often expect this to still be the case today.

However, many modern mortuaries are at a completely different location to the funeral home. In this article, Affordable Cremations is looking at some common misconceptions around mortuaries, as well as how funeral providers today take care of the entire process to ensure the day of the goodbye runs as smoothly as possible.

The common misconception about mortuaries

There is a common misconception that all funeral homes have a mortuary “out back” or “down in the cellar” – just like the one we see in the movie My Girl from 1991. However, this is rarely the case anymore. Usually, the shop front of a funeral home must be located in a place that’s convenient and suitable for the local community to visit, but mortuaries don’t require this kind of exposure and can be held in a different location entirely.

Bodies are generally held for up to 7 working days by the funeral provider, and Australian regulations state that they must be stored in a certified holding facility. Although, many families aren’t aware that they can store the body privately if this is their wish; in New South Wales, you’ll need conditional approval from the Director General of NSW Health.

To protect public health, it’s forbidden to store a body unrefrigerated for more than 48 hours. The funeral director you work with will be able to properly and safely store the body of a loved one that has recently passed, in their approved holding facilities.

No matter where they’re based, mortuaries have set Australian standards and regulations to adhere to, including AS ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories – Requirements for quality and competence.

Ensuring the day runs seamlessly

Families don’t need to worry if a mortuary is held at a different location to a funeral home, as service providers such as Affordable Cremations have the experience to make sure your loved one is taken care of. We’ll help you with all of the important decisions, and depending on your location, transfer is usually included in the price.

We have the facilities available to safely and legally store the body at our off-site mortuary, and will transfer it to your chosen crematorium or burial site when the day for the farewell arrives. We’re with you for every step of this confusing journey, ensuring the day runs smoothly for the family and helping you plan down to the smallest detail.

Find out more

To find out more about a direct cremation or other funeral service, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact our team online. We’re here for you 24 hours a day – so give us a call day or night to discuss arrangements for someone close to you.

Comparing the Price of Funeral Providers

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You may have noticed that the price of funerals in Australia can range quite dramatically – there could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cost difference from one provider to the next. This can be confusing for families going through the funeral organising process; when looking for a funeral to honour the life of your loved one, do you have to accept a drop in quality when you opt for a more affordable option?

In this guide, we’re discussing why there are such differences in price range, and how you can find a funeral provider that’s right for your budget and your family.

Why are some providers cheaper than others?

One major reason some funeral services cost more than others is due to the nature and size of the company. Larger, corporate organisations tend to house CEOs, boards and multiple location sites have more overheads compared to independent and family-owned funeral companies, who are able to pass on these savings to the families of the recently passed.

In this industry, price is rarely a reflection of quality. You can choose an affordable funeral that is just right for the person who has died, because it’s unlikely that they would have wanted you to struggle to pay for something you can’t afford. Try not to feel as though it’s disrespectful to take costs into consideration when choosing a funeral provider.

How to choose a funeral provider

When cost is important, but professional support from a reputable business matters too, there are some steps you can take to make sure you find a funeral provider that is right for you and your family.

  1. Do your research ahead of time and speak to the company directly. Call funeral providers near you to discuss your budget and requirements.
  2. Shop around to get a feel of who you’re comfortable with and who you think best matches your expectations during this sensitive time. Get at least two quotes and ask for a breakdown of the cost, so you know exactly what’s included.
  3. Ask any questions you like. The process can seem overwhelming – since it’s not something we do very often – so discuss any details related to preparations and processes on the day.

In short, a higher bill doesn’t equal a better funeral. Things like the words you say and the music you play can be much more meaningful than expensive cars and coffins. The most important thing is that you make the day unique to your family, and you work with a funeral provider that understands your wishes and provides the guidance you need during this time.

Instant, transparent pricing from Affordable Cremations

Affordable Cremations and our sister site, Personal Farewells funeral planner, offer simple, affordable options for people across New South Wales. Our prices are always transparent with no hidden costs, and we’re able to provide a quote online instantly. Check our website or Contact us for a quote or to discuss your options and wishes with us.

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