Covering the Important decisions

  • Choosing Burial or Cremation

    Deciding on a burial or cremation is a personal decision that is made by the individual or family members. It is important to take into consideration your loved ones wishes, feelings and beliefs.

    At Sutherland Shire Affordable Funerals, we are here to help your become familiar with the process of cremation and burial funeral services, so you can decide on the right option for your loved one.

    Whether you choose cremation or burial, a memorial service is a beautiful way to farewell your loved one and begins the next step into the next phase of emotional recovery.

    We are here to help you. We will provide you with affordable options compared to other funeral companies. We value family, and believe cost shouldn’t be a factor when saying farewell to a loved one.

  • Working with a Celebrant or a Clergy 

    A Funeral Celebrant is a professional with no affiliation to any religion, who prepares and delivers a professional and personalised funeral service.

    While a Clergy is a religious minister or priest who commonly follows traditional protocols in preparing and delivering the funeral service. The choice of either a Funeral Celebrant or Clergy will often depend on whether or not the deceased was religious and followed a particular faith.

  • Final Day Preparations

    The days preceding the basic funeral will require you to look over a few final details. We will be with you every step of the way. Below are 10 points you may have to consider prior to the funeral service and to help prepare you for the day;

    1. Make final decisions on the service type; cremation or burial
    2. Where is the service going to be held?
    3. Where is the wake going to be held?
    4. What are the times of the viewing, if there will be one at all?
    5. Approximate number of people planning to attend the service?
    6. Are there are special guest speakers?
    7. Are there any video or other media accompaniments?
    8. Are there any readings, poems, or special items of note?
    9. What is the date and time of the service?
    10. Who will give the eulogy?

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